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Our staff here at Woodlawn Web Technologies knows exactly how hard it is to find a good hosting company that gives you the package you want and the support after the sale. You will find our staff very helpful as well as available.
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  • CBC Cabinetry
  • Felber Horsepower Solutions
  • National Airboat Association
  • Mini Airboat Association
  • Pirate4x4.com The Game
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  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA

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    Minimal Hosting Plan
    Technical Specifications

  • Monthly Cost: $4.95 USD
  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Disk Space: 1000 MB
  • Monthly Data Transfer: 2 GB

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    Hosting Information
    Our Company offers various web hosting services. We target many types of audiences searching for various hosting features such as the following,
    • Cheap Web Hosting - From low cost site hosting to e-commerce
    • Cheap Domain Registration - From $12.99
    • Cheap Dedicated Servers - From $179.00

    The cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel : We proudly offer the most popular web hosting control panel, cPanel. cPanel allows you to easily create and delete email addresses, provision subdomains of your site, manage mailing lists, or even install scripts using the Fantastico auto-installer. We did extensive research on control panels, and determined that cPanel offers the widest array of features while still being one of the easiest control panels to use for managing almost every aspect of your website.

    Fantastico De Luxe Web Application Auto-Installer.
    Fantastico is an awesome utility that allows you to quickly install over 45 scripts with a few simple clicks of the mouse! Everything from forums, to blogs, to content management systems, all right there for you to use!

    The RVSkin
    This is truly an extraordinary piece of software. It gives you a very user friendly interface to the cPanel Website Management System. It provides an easy to use, colorful, and comfortable display for you to manage your website with, as well as including simple links for accessing your billing or support system.

    PHP4 and PHP5 Support with SwitchSelect Technology™
    Most web hosting providers only offer support for PHP4 because that is what almost everything is programmed for, but what if you need the advanced features of PHP5, such as using SQLite databases or more powerful OOP support? We've got you covered! With our SwitchSelect Technology™, you can easily change which version of PHP is used to process your .php files for any of your domains or subdomains. It's just as simple as installing FrontPage Extensions! In case you are interested, here are the links for the phpinfo(); pages for PHP 4 and PHP 5.

    Nightly Off-Site User Backups
    Another exceptional feature we offer is nightly off-site user backups. We understand that sometimes it's complicated to ensure that you have the latest backup of your site, and maybe you just want to have to added assurance that having another copy of your data brings. So the perfect solution is to let us handle your backups for you! This yet another reason why Woodlawn Web Technologies is the perfect partner in your web solutions.


    Control Panel

    Mail Manager: Create Email Accounts/ Remove/Read

    Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions (included in pricing)
    Preinstalled Bulletin Board phpBB
    Preinstalled Shopping Cart Software: (Interchange, Agora)
    Search Engine Submissions.
    Preinstalled CGI Scripts (Counters, Guestbooks...)
    Stats Programmes. Find out how many people visit your website and where they are coming from.
    Change Domain Password.
    FTP Accounts: Create FTP Accounts
    File Manager: Upload your files to your hosting space through the control panel.
    Error Pages: Customise Error Pages.
    Password Protect Directories
    Raw Access Logs
    Cron Jobs
    Chat script and much more.....
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